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The All-Time lists have been constructed by taking the top 20 known and verifiable performances in each event prior to 2008. Since then, performances have been added where they are superior to the 20th best performance.

DATE: 06 Dec 2016

National Champions 1887 – 2016 Book Published

I have updated the Athletics New Zealand National Champions book to include all National Champions of 2016. The book (217 pages) is free for download.

The book lists all National Champions, in winter and summer competitions, in every event and in each age group from 1887.

DATE: 20 Nov 2016

Wind Readings

I have noticed recently that there are a lot of performances in the horizontal jumps and sprint events that meet the performance standard for inclusion into the rankings lists. However, there is no wind reading assigned to the performance and thus the performance cannot be included into the rankings lists. Further, in the horizontal jumps, if the jump series is not stated then I cannot list the best performance with a wind reading of 2.0m.s-1 or below. Your understanding of these criteria for inclusion or non- inclusion into the rankings lists is appreciated.

DATE: 07 Nov 2016

A statement about Records

I need to clarify one or two issues around the subject of New Zealand Records.

The Athletics New Zealand Regulations (Competition) state:

C2.5 – Conditions for Records

  1. (b) No performance shall be recognised as a New Zealand record until it has been ratified by Athletics NZ in accordance with procedures approved by the Board of Directors.

Of late a number of performances have been claimed to be “records”. A majority of those “records” have yet to be ratified and the process can take up to 30 days to ratify a record. Further, one performance where it was applied for a “record” and was publicised as being a “record”, was declined (not ratified) because the performance was not officiated by correctly graded officials. So please be aware that a performance may be publicised as a “record”, but subsequently may not be ratified as a record as it did not meet the criteria for a record.

Secondly, I would strongly advise ALL athletes to carry with them, a copy of the Record Application Form and to read the cover page. Unfortunately some officials will not know what the current record for an event is. Hence it is contingent on the athlete themselves to make the officials at the meeting aware of the possibility of a record and to ensure that the process for submitting an application is followed. A joint effort by the athlete and the officials will result in a enhanced outcome, rather than each thinking that the other has the matter in hand.

NZ Records ratified in the past month

Tori PEETERSJavelin Throw56.74NZ NationalWomens01 Apr 2017

On this day in history ...

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NZ Athletes with birthdays today (29th April)

Chad BUTSON25Hill City - University Athletic Club OTG
Elise FORMAN18Wellington Harrier Athletic Club Inc WEL
Colter HOFFMAN21North Harbour Bays Athletics AKL
Niven LONGOPOA19Hillsborough Junior Athletics Club AKL
Otomalesau LUPO24Titahi Bay AAC Inc WEL
James ROBERTSON18Athletics Wairarapa WEL
Dionne TREADAWAY19Hamilton City Hawks Athletics Inc WBP
Nicolaas VICKERS24North Harbour Bays Athletics AKL
Mark WOLTON22Old Boys United Athletic Club CAN


Senior Men

10.18  0.5 Joseph MILLAR WBP 24 Sep 1992 NZL National Championshi Hamilton 17 Mar 2017
20.37  PB 0.1 Joseph MILLAR WBP 24 Sep 1992 NZL National Championshi Hamilton 19 Mar 2017
47.64  Bailey STEWART AKL 12 Nov 1996 John Jacobs Invitational Norman USA 22 Apr 2017
1:46.97  PB Brad MATHAS CAN 24 Jun 1993 ACT Championships Canberra AUS 17 Feb 2017
3:41.87  PB George BEAMISH MWA 24 Oct 1996 Bryan Clay Invitational Azusa USA 14 Apr 2017
3:58.27 (i) Julian OAKLEY WBP 23 Jun 1993 BU Last Chance Boston USA 26 Feb 2017
7:54.10 (i) PB Julian OAKLEY WBP 23 Jun 1993 John Thomas Terrier Invi Boston USA 27 Jan 2017
13:44.27 (i) PB OS Matt BAXTER AKL 06 Aug 1994 Iowa State Classic Ames USA 11 Feb 2017
28:48.02  PB Matt BAXTER AKL 06 Aug 1994 Stanford Invitational Stanford USA 31 Mar 2017
27:55  PB Jake ROBERTSON WBP 14 Nov 1989 Crescent City Classic New Orleans USA 15 Apr 2017
1:00:01  Jake ROBERTSON WBP 14 Nov 1989 Lisbon H-M Lisbon POR 19 Mar 2017
2:22:38  PB Blair MCWHIRTER CAN 06 Oct 1982 London Marathon London GBR 23 Apr 2017
9:13.58  Jack BEAUMONT STH 11 May 1997 NZL National Championshi Hamilton 19 Mar 2017
13.81  2.0 Joshua HAWKINS AKL 09 Feb 1994 ACT Championships Canberra AUS 19 Feb 2017
50.57  Michael COCHRANE WBP 13 Aug 1991 WA Championships Perth AUS 24 Feb 2017
2.17  PB Hamish KERR MWA 17 Aug 1996 Porritt Classic Hamilton 11 Feb 2017
5.35  Nicholas SOUTHGATE AKL 09 Apr 1994 Rair Air Melbourne AUS 07 Feb 2017
7.43  PB 1.7 Hamish GILL AKL 15 Feb 1997 Potts Classic Hastings 14 Jan 2017
15.43  0.3 Ebuka OKPALA AKL 10 Mar 1993 NZL National Championshi Hamilton 19 Mar 2017
21.80  Tomas WALSH CAN 01 Mar 1992 Auckland Track Challenge North Shore 26 Feb 2017
60.77  PB Marshall HALL STH 07 Oct 1988 ACA Club Meeting Auckland 01 Feb 2017
59.81  Matthew BLOXHAM AKL 16 Nov 1996 NZL National Championshi Hamilton 17 Mar 2017
80.38  PB Benjamin LANGTON BURNELL MWA 07 Oct 1992 Porritt Classic Hamilton 11 Feb 2017
16:20.57  Sean LAKE WEL 05 Nov 1971 Wellington Grand Prix #6 Wellington 25 Mar 2017
1:21:12  PB Quentin REW WEL 16 Jul 1984 OCE & AUS 20km Walk Cham Adelaide AUS 19 Feb 2017
3:51:18  Quentin REW WEL 16 Jul 1984 Circuito International d Monterrey MEX 19 Mar 2017
42:58.76  Quentin REW WEL 16 Jul 1984 International Walk Canberra AUS 29 Jan 2017
7246   Aaron BOOTH AKL 12 Sep 1996 Australian National Cham Sydney AUS 31 Mar 2017
40.74   Scott Walker,
Joseph Millar,
Zac Topping,
William Smart
    Grand Prix Canberra AUS 12 Mar 2017
3:19.33   Sam Merson,
Brayden Grant,
Zac Topping,
Quin Hartley
    NZL National Championshi Hamilton 19 Mar 2017